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getting an rfq (request for quote)

1:Your email and the content of the email will be checked and passed to one of our Account Managers in the relevant department

2. One of our Account Managers will contact you within 30 minutes of them receiving the mail, to discuss your exact requirements, you will be asked the following: 1. Current status of part. 2. Quantity. 3. Your realistic target price. 4. We will also discuss the part in more detail e.g. Manufactures you can accept.

3. Your new Account Manager will then quote you by email.

4. Once you have received your quotation it will remain live for up to 48 hours.

5. Your Account Manager will contact you to ensure you. 1. Received the quote. 2. That you are happy with it. 3. To answer any question to help you get the parts quickly.

6. All first orders are processed on proforma and we accept credit card or Bacc’s payment.

7. Once your first order has been completed, you can download our account application form HERE and apply for a 30 - Day credit account.




We  supply  all  Military  Standard  Components  Getting  a  REQUEST  FOR  QUOTE is  quick  and  simple

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